Things To See And Do In Teesdale

History, Culture & The Great Outdoors

Here For You

Pause and Breathe

Whatever you love to do, take time to pause and look around whilst in Teesdale. 

The perfect destination for relaxing, for taking some time out, time to pause, breathe and be mindful of your beautiful surroundings. 


Walkers …Teesdale provides world class long and short distance walking terrain. So many paths and public rights of way to enjoy.  Whether you enjoy striding out, covering distance and logging those miles or if you love to saunter, look around, take in the view and unwind, Teesdale has something for every walker. 

Bring the Family

Travelling here with your Family?  Younger members of your group will love the sheer awesomeness of High and Low Force. 

A stroll to Gibsons Cave alongside Summerhill Beck is a delight for even the youngest of toddlers.

Enjoy pottering beside the river, maybe a gentle paddle in the shallows.  Visit Egglestone Abbey one our many perfect picnic destinations.

Visit the Hayberries Nature Reserve and immerse yourself in the joy of watching wheeling Sand Martens and screaming Swifts  soar overhead.

Dark Skies

Our inky dark skies provide amazing views and Teesdale boasts some of the greatest dark sky destinations in the UK.



High Force & Low Force

The amazing and much loved Otter has made a miraculous comeback to the River Tees after many years absence. 

Within the last 20 years we have enjoyed a gradual return with occasional sightings becoming  regular occurences and known breeding pairs.